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by Ian Hill
“One way to say he is “incomparable” is to say that sometimes he recalls for me Oliver Lake, then Charles Parker in the next moment, then Roscoe Mitchell, with fleeting melodic runs a al Ornette Coleman. The players I just mentioned are so radically unlike one another that to hear all of that and more in Romus’ playing is to declare his uniqueness.” Richard Gilman-Opalsky author/journalist, Activator Magazine USA

" As a composer Rent Romus seems to have spiritual connection to ancient Finnish spirits." - Sonata Hauta-aho, Finland

"Finnish-American Rent Romus (alto and soprano saxophones, flute, and Finnish kantele — plucked psaltry) and Finnish-born master Heikki “Mike” Koskinen (e-trumpet, tenor recorder, and kantele) create strikingly vivid, deeply textured music that evokes stark landscapes and heroic deeds." - Andrew Gilbert, SF Classical Voice, USA

" For sure he is an important force in animating the improve scene, bringing together musicians..." - Vital Weekly, Netherlands

"He plays as the dignified giant when blowing a melody with a bright and glossy sound, but when the solo comes the screw turns flying in multiple directions."
- Takeshi Goda, A Challenge to Fate, Japan

"Romus turned out to be, besides a very adept improviser, also a high quality composer. His songs were full of abundant ideas avoiding the easy clichéd “theme/solos/theme” formats." - Jussi Niemi, Tampere Aamulehti, Finland

"Alto saxophonist, one of the more consistently interesting figures of recent years..." - Tom Hull, USA

"Romus has a bold sound, unmistakable sincerity and conviction."
- Downbeat, USA

"Romus' sax rekindles that flame egregiously, thematic sketches becoming instant excuses for the instruments to coalesce into a gruelling mass of Pollockian sonic painting that plumps on the brain and self-adjusts until your synapses are completely disjointed."
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, Itlay

"Sounds to me like what Charlie Parker should have sounded like if he was really as great as they say." - Tom Hull, The Best Jazz Albums of 2014, USA

"Rent Romus and his Sax are the rudder, guiding the way....his frenzied summersaults lead the band ever upwards towards the sky."
Tobias Fischer, Tokafi, Germany

"...his (mostly) gentle phrasing underlining a potential, yet still non-existent rebellion while transmuting the predominant tides into deformed film-noirish soundtracks, with rain pouring down on the trash amassed in dark alleys."
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, Rome, Italy

"Rent remains a force for me, his restraint as powerful as his melodic attacks."
Thurston Hunger, KFJC 89.7 FM Los Altos, California, USA

“Swings like death and hell.”
Jack Lind, Det Fri Aktuelt, Copenhagen, Denmark

“...a ferocious improviser.”
San Francisco Weekly, USA

“...dynamic, and monstrous.”
Sam Prestianni, Oakland Montclarion, USA

“Overall, Romus’ performance was raw and full of musical vigor, which inspired a higher order and left the audience with a smitten effect.
Thorbjorn Sjogren, Politiken, Denmark

“Romus has been central to the creative music world of the West Coast for a number of years, and he keeps stretching the boundries of originality with each new release.” 
Frank Rubolino -

"Rent Romus is certainly carving a distinctive musical niche for himself. 
Using a full fruity tone with a vibrato that's almost broader than Ayler's..." 
-Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly 

"Romus should by now be as well-known as David S. Ware or John Zorn, so catch up, comrades." 
Cactus, KUSF San Francisco 

“Romus and Tchicai ignite when pitted together and complement each other’s efforts. Romus’ tone is bold and audacious…on occasion you can hear Ayler’s ghost in his alto playing.”
Frank Rubolino – Cadence

"Romus' solos served to liberate the music from the group's comfort range . . . particularly noteworthy in Romus' playing is his apparent sense of the tradition of jazz." -- Robin L. Hammer, JazzNow Magazine