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Rent Romus' Lords of Outland

photo: Tenderloin National Forest, San Francisco California
"Romus' fiery romp is a no-holds barred exposition. He slices through steel with accuracy and ease, equating to a jovial soundscape, scraped with intensifying solos and Everett's colorific cymbals hits. They galvanize your neural system from start to finish, while projecting a take no prisoners approach throughout." - Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

In 1993 Saxophonist, composer Rent Romus leapt out of the box to play in a trio with 60’s drummer James Zitro and Sun Ra cellist Kash Killion. That formation lead to a quartet with drummer, Andrew Borger, bassist Vytas Nagisetty, and trumpet player Jason Olaine. In 1994 Romus named the band Lords of Outland, a collective of like-minded musicians focusing on exploring improvisation, melody, noise, and sound art while acknowledging their jazz and blues roots. In 1995 Romus released the first album You’ll Never be the Same recorded live at Blondies Bar and no Grill in San Francisco. Later that year Romus took his music to Denmark working with a then young pianist Jonas Muller and later in 1996 drummer Stephen Pasborg. The Danish connection continued in 1997 with the release of Adapt…or Die! Featuring drummer David Mihaly, Jon Birdsong on tuba and free jazz legend Danish tenor saxophonist John Tchicai. In the late 90’s bassist Bill Noertker replaced Jon Birdsong who went on to join Beck on tour through Europe. In 2001 trombonist Toyoji Tomita joined for Avatar In the Field a tribute to Albert Ayler and the free poetry project The Metal Quan Yin featuring the works of CJ Borosque. In 2004 drummer Philip Everett and bassist Ray Schaeffer became the regular rhythm section along with Romus’ wife noise artist trumpet player CJ Borosque (Collette McCaslin). Since 2006 the group has recorded ten more albums of original music ranging from unhinged free improvisation to thematic compositional suites inspired by abstract and socio-political poetry, science fiction, horror, and fantasy featuring late trombonist Toyoji Tomita, guitarist Joel Harrison, inventor Tom Nunn, cellist Doug Carroll, vocalist Jesse Quattro, saxophonist Jim Ryan, trumpet player Darren Johnston, bassist Damon Smith, pianist Scott R. Looney, tenor saxophonist Josh Allen, multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia, and most recently guitarist Alex Cohen.