Life's Blood Ensemble Lords of Outland Deciduous Otherworld Ensemble
Itkuja Suite Manala Road to Aacheron The Otherworld Cycle
Improviser | Composer | Producer | Educator
Rent Romus

“He plays as the dignified giant when blowing a melody with a bright and glossy sound, but when the solo comes the screw turns flying in multiple directions.”
- Takeshi Goda, A Challenge to Fate, Tokyo, Japan

“Swings like death and hell.” - Jack Lind, Det Fri Aktuelt, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Romus has a bold sound, unmistakable sincerity and conviction.” - Downbeat
Itkuja Suite, invocations on lament
Manala, a journey to the netherworld and back
Road to Aacheron an original oratorio
Rent Romus' Other World Cycle

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