Timothy OrrTimothy Orr began playing the drums in 1976 at the age of eight. He studied with Edward Blackwell from 1985-89 at Wesleyan University and has worked in the music industry since then. He has held positions in alternative radio promotion and classical marketing at Virgin Records, publicity at MCA, retail sales at HMV and warehouse and operations management at TVT Records. He spent five years with the Arkadia
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Jazz label as sales and marketing director, and two-and-a-half years as Associate Director of the Brubeck Institute at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He has also been a journalist for DRUM! and Traps magazines from 1993-2008, and has worked with Oakland's Jazz In Flight from 2002-2004. Timothy joined the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2006, and specializes in marketing, public relations, and communications. Timothy has played with a number of musicians in many fields, including local and international artists Josh Roseman, Stephen Schwartz, Damon Smith, John Finkbeiner, Josh Allen, Marco Eneidi, Richard Hell, Randy Hunt, Henry Kaiser, Adam Lane, Scott Looney, Rent Romus, Aram Shelton, Joris Teepe, William Winant, Key West, and many more. Tim makes rent with a number of Cajun and Zydeco and roots bands as well: Kenny Menard, Motordude, Tete Rouge, Andre Thierry, the Zydeco Flames, Zydeco Slim, the Royal Deuces, the Bon Vivants, Mark St. Mary, and others. He has played over 1600 gigs since 1989 in a variety of venues across the country, and has appeared on a number of CDs in a variety of genres
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