Shanna SordahlShanna Sordahl is an American-Canadian sound artist/composer/performer/collaborator living in Oakland, CA. Her interdisciplinary interests and love of diversity cause her work to take on many forms, from composition and live performances to site-specific installations. Shanna’s multifaceted background allows multiple streams of influence to seep into each of her projects. The fusion of acoustic instruments and sounds with an electronic music approach infuses and shapes her work. This has given her a particular awareness of sound and timbre that she strives to re-contextualize in new ways. Her development with the cello is strongly effected by her approach to timbre, layers and form as influenced through composing from an electronic music standpoint. In addition, the structure, detail and physicality of playing the cello have completely altered the way she approaches electronic composition and her improvisation style in general. Currently Shanna teaches in the Interactive Audio program at Ex’pression College and is active as an independent Audio Engineer. She is also in the process of developing workshops in electronic music, experimental sound and improvisation for children. She plays with and is a founding member of the groups Talk More, ZE BIB! and Very Understanding.
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